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Wednesday, 19 June 2019
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Welcome to Visit Indonesia

Minister Arief Yahya leads Ministry of Tourism, Indonesia

abla2014 nominee 47 H.E. Mr. Arief Yahya, Minister of Tourism, Republic of Indonesia, aims to position Indonesia as 'a wish list country' for world travellers. Under the leadership of Minister Arief Yahya, Indonesia's Tourism industry is expected to boost. He aims to make tourism the core of the nation's economy after projecting the sector to be the biggest contributor to foreign reserves.

In line with the policy of President Joko Widodo, the maritime sector also became an important agenda of economic development for tourism in Indonesia. Since 2015, Minister of Tourism is intensively focussing on promoting Indonesian marine and cruise tourism attractions. This is inspired by the Indonesian archipelago having over 17,000 islands and coastal areas that offer diverse experiences and tourism activities, both at seas and resorts. To boost tourism the Ministry of Tourism is working on preparing 10 destinations which will be promoted with destination branding and integrated marketing communication plan, namely: Great Jakarta; Great Bali; Great Riau Islands; Joglosemar (Jogjakarta, Solo, and Semarang); Bunaken, Wakatobi, and Raja Ampat; Medan; Lombok; Makassar; Bandung; Banyuwangi.


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